Ask4test partners

The main motive of the ask4test team is to provide you with the best medical assistance through their medical test services. We take the utmost care that you reach your medical requirement on time and with the accurate results in your hand. We provide you with a wide range of medical tests that help you to have the blood test that you need at the same place.

We have partnered with the most trusted medical laboratories to provide you with accurate results. With ask4test, you can be able to get your medical reports within time and also from the comfort of your home. We care and value your convenience and comfort.

Ask4test provides you with a wide range of medical tests that cover most of the medical tests in history. Our partnership with their associate laboratories helps you to reach the most trusted laboratories in India. All their trusted partners are well experienced and experts in the field. All our partners are recognized and certified by the required authorities. 

Ask4test associates with the following medical laboratories:


Thyrocare technologies limited is the world’s largest thyroid testing laboratories and India’s first thyroid testing and diagnosing laboratories. The automated testing machines used by the laboratories make Thyrocare the most advanced testing laboratories. Use of the automated testing machines helps them to give the most reliable and accurate reports.

It emphasizes giving affordable services to individuals, hospitals all over the world. Their accurate and timely medical reports make them one of the most reliable thyroid testing laboratories. Thyrocare laboratories chain is available widely for the people in over 200 cities. It makes their presence strong and easily accessible.

SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is India`s one of the largest diagnostic centers present. There is a wide range of diagnostic services available at the center. They have a strong network of blood collection points and diagnostics centers. Hence, they are accessible to most of the people in India.

The vision of SRL diagnostics is to provide people with accurate and timely results at affordable prices. Their superior quality diagnostics have helped many people to save their lives in time.

Cure well Laboratory

Cure well laboratory is well known for its accurate diagnosis with ultra-modern technology. The cure well laboratory is established in 1986 with a vision to serve people with modern ways of diagnosis. Advanced and modern technical equipment helps them to serve people with accurate results.

They provide people with a large number of diagnoses and help them lead a healthy life in the future. Their vision is to serve a large number of people in the long run with convenience and ease.

Accurate Diagnostics

Accurate diagnostics has got fame in getting the trust of the people by serving them with their accurate diagnostics. Their accurate diagnosis and results have helped them to be one of the most reliable laboratories in India. They serve in most of the parts of the country and have a focused vision to give services to most of the people in every part of the country.

It is one of the well-equipped laboratories with the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs

Their vision is to serve people with proper healthcare diagnostic services in India. Their efficient team helps most of the people in their network to get the proper healthcare diagnostic results. Patient`s convenience is at the top of their priority list. They also provide healthcare services online.

Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd has a strong chain of healthcare services situated in south India. They provide the best pathology and radiology test. Their vision is to provide healthcare diagnostic services and radiology services under one roof.

Partnering with the above-trusted laboratories, helps ask4test increase its reach of diagnostic and testing services to all the people in Odisha and other states of India too. Also, partnering with the associates help them to wider the range of testing services.