Complete range of services by Ask4test

Ask4test aims at providing the most convenient pathology test services from the comfort of your home. We understand the need and value of blood tests in the life of people. Our extended pathology services are proof that we are so much concerned and aware of the need for a blood test with convenience. Our working process is the reflection of their values and honest beliefs.

The main motto of the ask4test is the patient should undergo all the medical tests fully hassle-free. Our focused team takes care that every service given by them is completely clear and transparent. The medical reports that reach you are accurate and error-free.

Ask4test connects over 15+ locations in Odisha state, where we serve people with their 24 hours support. We have done above 5000+ medical tests to date. Our services are not only bound to the illness blood test but also aim at encouraging people to live a fitter and healthier life with a regular blood test.

Hence, we also provide the blood test facilities for the regular health problems that people are facing which include fatigue, obesity, and other such health issues. It will help people to be aware of the serious health problems they might have in the future.

Services provided by ask4test are aligned strictly according to customer convenience.

Our extended services include the following factors:

At-home blood sample collection

Ask4test focuses on giving you services from the comfort of your home so that, you need not go out wandering for the blood tests. The blood samples will be collected at your home. Only you need to do is register your appointment on their website online or just call on their helpline number. Our team will collect a sample on your given location and within the time slot chosen by you.

Highly skilled phlebotomist

The experienced and enthusiastic team of the ask4test consists of mainly the highly skilled phlebotomist. Our team of phlebotomists is experienced and certified. We take the utmost care that the process of blood collection is pain-free and hygienic. Also, we are skilled and well trained so that the patient does not get hurt undergoing the blood test process.

Trusted partners

Ask4test collaborates with all the certified and well-known laboratories to provide you with the best and accurate results within time. The associates are as follows

1 Thyrocare

2 SRL laboratories

3. Curewell Laboratories

4. Accurate Laboratories

5. Dr. Path Labs

6. Medall Laboratories

Their trusted associates are experts in their field. To know more, kindly visit


Complete range of blood test

Different laboratories give a variety of blood test services. Ask4test partners with over 15 plus best laboratories which enable you to provide you with varieties of tests that cover most of the blood tests. We also include packages for the same. It will help you to get all the types of blood tests that are needed to be done, under the same roof that is from your home.

On-time services

Ask4test values your time. They understand the urgency of reaching your medical reports to you within time so that you can start your fitness regime or consult your doctor for further medical consultations if needed within time. The executives take care that there is no delay in reporting your reports.

Personalized attention

The executive team of the ask4test focuses on taking every effort to provide you with a personalized medical experience. We take care that any of your queries or your medical test request is answered promptly and urgently. We also take care that your data remains secure with them.

365 days 24*7 support

Ask4test team works with enthusiasm and focus on working every day without taking a holiday. Our tests are available for your support all over the year and their 24 hours services help you to reach them when an emergency. 

Hygienic process

Ask4test gives higher priority to hygiene. They take the utmost care that whole of the blood test process that includes blood collection to the blood test is done with proper hygiene.

Fast and accurate test reports

The utmost care is taken so that your report is delivered to you within time and you get accurate and measurable reports.

The services given by ask4test are aligned to value your time and convenience. They work day and night so that you get fast and accurate results with great convenience.